Gallery Of Repairs

Below are some repairs completed over the years.  



3.5 Hour Road Trip To Repair This Batch of Phone For A Company.

On Site Repairs

A Business 3.5 hours away called me up and said they have a few phones in need or service.

Spent a whole day in one of their offices repairing all these phones. 

So glad I had them send me a list of the devices, colors and what issues each one was experiencing. 

Seems I caused a seen here, folks found out what I was doing and had other repairs on top of these.

Awesome experience.


Samsung J7 Halo Charging Port Replaced

Samsung J7 New Port Soldered

Samsung J7 Successfully Charging


 Tattoo Machine-A First For Us.

Tattoo Machine Internal Wiring Re-Soldered.

The artist that owned this machine had just bought it.  Said it costed him a nice chunk of change and asked me to check it out.  He was so happy to get this back.  Once I got to look inside I noticed the wires were very thin.  They just broke lose.  I soldered some new heavier wires.  

Samsung Tablet Not Charging

Samsung Tablet Was Not Charging

Samsung Tablet Charging Port Damaged

Samsung Tablet Charging Port Replacement

Charging port successfully replaced and client is very happy.  We also took care of that screen and replaced it.