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Here is a few images captured over the years of helping people.

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Gentleman was driving through town and was having trouble chaging his iPhone 4S.  He called me up and we were able to meet at a resturant.  He got to enjoy a lunch while I took care of his phone.  He was so relieved that he did not lose any time getting to his distination.

Young lady needed her phone badley.  She had a broken screen on a device 

that was not common.  Luckly, I had the screen assembly she needed.  I drove all the way to El Paso, Texas to meet her.  I repaired the device from the back of my car.  Yeap, weather permitting, I will work on your device out side if I have to.

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This repair took place at a coffe shop in Mesilla.  I got to enjoy some of their awesome coffee while performing this repair.  It took me a few hours to get this one complete because it was an HTC that had just come out.  I was lucky to find the parts.  Young lady that needed the repair was able to continue taking care of her customers while I took care of her phone.

It's not a Cell Phone or a Tablet?  That's fine, I will still chaeck it out.  A local dentist was having issues trying to keep this light working.  She had to constantly move the wires around till it turns on.  Upon inspection I found that the wires were damaged near the connector at the battery pack.  Carefully took it apart and resoldered it.  She is so happy, she mentioned that these thing cost anywhere from $600 to $1300.  Wow!

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