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Mobile Device Repair

About Knights Mobile

In 2013, I started repairing devices for friends and family on Facebook.

I would go and pick up the device from them and perform the repair at my home.  

It was an awesome feeling to see people smile when they were reunited with their devices.

At the end of 2014 I decided to gather parts and tools to start Knights Mobile Repair in the begining of 2015.

People loved the convenience and security of watching me perform the repair in front of their eyes.  They have so many questions and are in awh when they see all the little parts.  Some folks freak out thinking their phone will never work again.

I try to stock as many parts as I can to accomidate many devices but with all the different models and generations and not to mention all the different carriers and colors, sometime I do not have what is needed so I need to place an order. 

I order only from companies that provide good quality parts.

Tablets, I like to pick those up and work on them from my home shop.  Tablet screens tend to shatter and spread all over the place.  I do not want to risk having shattered glass flying around in a resturant or someones home. 

I try to have those back the following day.